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Steven Vere ( is a Sr. Staff Scientist at the Lockheed AI Center in Palo Alto, where he is co-PI for the Autonomous Agent project. Homer, the autonomous agent, is an integrated, mind-like AI artifact functioning in a simulated 2D environment. The agent's faculties include limited natural language communication, temporal planning and reasoning, plan execution and replanning, episodic memory and reflection, and symbolic perception. (See Computational Intelligence, 2/90, and an article on integrated AI in the 12/91 Scientific American.) Steve's research has included inductive learning at UIllinois and temporal planning at JPL, after getting a Ph.D. in CS from UCLA. He also wrote the article on Planning in the AI Encyclopedia.

John Dinsmore (ge2173@siucvmb.bitnet) has done research in NLP, knowledge representation, cognitive science, and linguistics. He has just published Partitioned Representations: a Study in Mental Representation, Language Processing and Linguistic Structure (Kluwer), and has edited The Symbolic and Connectionist Paradigms: Closing the Gap (Lawrence Erlbaum), to appear early next year. John received his Ph.D. in Linguistics at UCSD, then taught CS at SIU-C for 7 years. He also organized two conferences of the Midwest AI and Cognitive Science Society. John is looking for an industrial research position. He is also seeking other computer people interested in business with Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union, especially within the Baltic countries.