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CMU/Psychology: research programmer for the ACT-R cognitive simulation.

URochester (NY): NIH postdoc in interdisciplinary language studies, esp. computational linguistics and NLP.

UIowa (Iowa City): postdoc in information systems, incl. AI, DB, decision support, networking, etc.

Sensar Inc. (Moorestown, NJ): MS/PhD vision scientists/developers for real-time embedded systems.

Empirical Media Corp. (Pittsburgh, PA): scientists and developers in HCI, ML, IR, ML, and agents for Internet information filtering.

UWestern Ontario: CS department chair.

City University (London): postdocs and GRAs in computational logic research.

Middlesex U. (London): BS/MS/PhD researchers for user cognitive modeling in engineering design.

Building Research Establishment (Watford, UK): 3 BS/MS researchers in VR, robotics, 3D modeling, simulation, DAI, KBS, NL, OOP, DBMS, CSCW, etc., for the construction industry.

The Queen's U. of Belfast (Ireland): PhD researcher for a speech and language modeling system.

Ecole Normale Superieure (LIP; Lyon): 1-year CS professorship, esp. parallel systems or neural computing.

Uppsala University (Sweden): senior lecturer in IS, constraint programming, or logic programming.

KTH Centre for Speech Technology (Stockholm): postdocs, guest researchers, and senior researchers in speech understanding, NLP, or speech production.

Carmen Systems AB (Gothenburg, Sweden): algorithm developers for airline crew optimization.

Linkoping Institute of Technology (Sweden): 3 researchers in aerospace and manufacturing VR and HCI.

Queensland U. of Technology (Brisbane): postdoc in knowledge discovery and heterogeneous databases.

KAIST (Korea): faculty in networks, theory, and NLP.