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Sandia National Laboratories' agent-based Aspen economic simulation is achieving exceptional success at modeling macroeconomic data. The simulation currently has 10K "households" and 1.5K "factories," which may someday be increased to over 100K agents. One surprise was that simulated firms learned to cooperate during an economic slump. "We didn't put that into the software." [BW, 17Mar97. EDUPAGE.]

Steven Woodcock is seeking AI roundtable topics for this year's Computer Game Developer's Conference, . The roundtable sessions will continue for three days. . [, 09Mar97.]

Artificial Linguistic Internet Computer Entity (ALICE) combines a natural language interface with a telerobotic camera. ALICE is written in SETL, a language based on set theory and logic developed in 1969 by Jack Schwartz and recently reimplemented by David Bacon. You can test ALICE at . [,, 27Jan97.]

AI activities in Australia are listed on the home page of the Australian Computer Society National Committee for Artificial Intelligence and Expert System (ACS-AIES), . [Dickson Lukose ,, 14Oct96. David Joslin.]

The CLIPS-LIST archive contains two years of CLIPS questions. (CLIPS is a free expert system shell from NASA.) Intelligent Software Professionals has implemented a boolean full-text search engine, at (knowledge base). [,, 07Jan97. David Joslin.]