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TextWise (Syracuse, NY): PhD in cross-language IR.

NLM (Bethesda, MD): US PhD sr. researcher in IR, NLP, ML, expert systems for bioinformatics.

Georgia Tech (Atlanta): profs in HCI, voice/gesture recognition, smart interfaces, VR, or ubiquitous computing.

Los Alamos National Lab (NM): US BS/MS/PhD in HPC, ML, pattern recognition, etc.

Redmond, WA: PhD in cryptography.

Stottler Henke (San Mateo, CA): BS/MS/PhD SEs for AI applications.

Nuance Communications (Menlo Park): speech-recognition developers, engineers, and project leader.

UC Santa Cruz: profs in applied math/statistics/numerical computing for new department.

Ubilab (Zurich): PhD in HMM, NN, NLP for telephone speech processing.

LAPLACE Group (Grenoble, France): US postdoc in Bayesian models, genetic algorithms. (*)

UNewcastle (NSW, Australia): sr. lecturer(s) in business AI, IT.

UOtago (Dunedin, New Zealand): MS jr. research fellow in agent-based SE.

NACSIS (Japan): EC postdoc in NN, image/hypermedia processing, and query optimization for museum collections.

* captain's cool job of the week. (Selected by Brian "captain" Murfin.)