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The Army Center of Excellence in Information Sciences (ACEIS) at Clark Atlanta University (GA) needs a PhD AI research scientist to assist the director and others in designing, implementing, and presenting clusters of AI research activities. KE, PR, GA, NN, NLP, FL. Contact Dr. R. Srikanth ( by 6/15. [m.j.o, 5/20/93.] (Sounds like a great job!)

The National Research Council (NRC) Computing and Telecommunications office has an immediate opening for a PhD-level staff member to manage policy research projects involving computers and privacy. Interesting people, substantial influence. Contact Herb Lin, (202) 334-3191. [Paul Edwards (, 5/19/93. Larry Hunter.]

Oregon Graduate Institute of Science & Technology, Adaptive Systems Research Group, has a postdoc opening in neural-network and nonparametric learning for time series analysis and forecasting. John Moody (, (503) 690-1554. [connectionists, 5/21/93.]

Autometric Inc. (Alexandria, VA) has a summer Unix/C programming job for a graduate student familiar with neural networks and Fourier or wavelet transforms. Terrence W. Barrett, 5301 Shawnee Road, 22312; (703) 658-4021 Fax. [John Ko (, m.j.o, 5/18/93.]

The Apple-ISS Research Center at the Institute of System Science, National University of Singapore, needs a PhD project leader for research in Chinese handwriting recognition. Meng-Yong Goh ( [m.j.o, 5/19/93.]

Arbor Intelligent Systems, Inc. (Ann Arbor, MI) needs an experienced ObjectWorks Smalltalk programmer and an MS level Smalltalk programmer with guru potential. Leadership roles within 12 months. Ron Suarez (, (313) 996-4238, (313) 996-4241 Fax. [Henry Hardy (, m.j.o, 5/19/93.]

A Florida group needs an experienced Unix/C/X knowledge engineer for "analysis of expert system architecture" and knowledge-base coding. Two software engineers are also needed. Kevin Levi Jackson (aisg!, Advanced Information Systems Group, Inc., (407) 774-7181, (407) 774-8911 Fax. [m.j.o, 5/20/93.]

Loral Librascope Corp., Advanced Programs Department (Los Angeles), needs a US MS/PhD in automated planning for embedded military C2 planning systems. Uncertainty reasoning, decision theory, search, constraint reasoning, situation assessment. Carey Sublette (, (818) 502-7000, or supervisor Irina Vainshtein, (818) 502-7390, (818) 502-7336 Fax. [, 5/19/93.]

The Swedish Institute of Computer Science (Kista) needs two neural-network researchers, one of them permanent. Telecommunications and robotics applications are of interest, but theory is also important. Apply by 6/15 to Gunnar Sjodin (, +46-8-751 72 30 Fax. [connectionists, 5/18/93.]

The Analytic Sciences Corporation (TASC) in Reston, VA, needs a graduate student for summer work (with possible continuation) in UMass-style sentence parsing and fact extraction. ProKappa, some C. US citizenship probably required. [Dennis J. Murphy (, m.j.o, 5/20/93.]

A nationwide consulting company needs people with advanced CS/AI degrees, Unix/C/GUI and KBS experience, and perhaps CBR. Dalia Miller ( [, m.j.o, 5/20/93.] (My guess is that Rod Asher & Associates want to sell your bod to Intellicorp. They've run related ads every week.)

UBuckingham (UK) has a 2-year RA in parallel genetic algorithms for artificial neural-network synthesis, starting 7/1. PhD preferable; programming in Occam. A 3-year research studentship in parallel programming of transputers is also available, with applications in AI, NN, and complex dynamic systems. Dr. Ian East ( [, 5/20/93.]

A Dallas manufacturing-automation company needs experienced BS C/C++/Smalltalk software engineers for intelligent scheduling, manufacturing execution systems, shop-floor controls, bills of materials, manufacturing scheduling, or process controls. $40K-$60K plus stock. Sally King, King ComputerSearch (post, (214) 238-1021, (214) 238-1021 Fax. [m.j.o, 5/20/93.]

Civilized Software, Inc. (Bethesda, MD) needs a PhD computational biostatistician to add functions to their software packages. SBIR proposal writing also required. $40K. Zhiping You (, (301) 652-4714, (301)656-1069 Fax. [m.j.o, 5/21/93.]