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Big Dreams is a monthly newsletter on personal development and business topics. See . [Duncan Stickings , c.i.www.announce, 3/4/95.]

CyberNews is a monthly publication with articles and reviews for BBS users and PC software developers. Send a message to for the latest ASCII version. [,, 3/4/95.]

Mac Net Journal covers net software from a Macintosh perspective: WWW browsers, First Class BBS Internet connectivity, etc. , , or , as well as AOL, eWorld, and CompuServe. Free subscriptions from Aaron Anderson . [comp.sys.mac.misc, 3/5/95.]

Commercial InfoList is a moderated announcement list for commercial products, services, and opportunities. Currently 1-3 messages per day. Send a "subscribe" message to . [Howard Barton , NEW-LIST, 2/24/95. net-hap.]

The Software Yellow Pages is soliciting free listings and paid ads for its regional 2nd editions, to be published in 7/95. Total circulation is 35,000 copies. SoftPub Group, 1-800-763-8782. [FORUM, 3/95, p. 3.]

Asia, Inc. Online, a monthly, is Asia's first interactive business magazine. See or send a "text" or "HTML" subject line to for info. [Marc Perton , net-hap, 3/2/95.]

The Rodent -- an underground humor newsletter for legal associates -- is now online at . [Peter A. Chapman , c.i.www.announce, 3/2/95.]

The current issue of Scientific American is devoted to computers in the 21st century, including law, education, and technology. [Robert Laprade , 3/12/95.]