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The 27 NII Advisory Council members have been announced. Some of the computer-related members are Craig Fields, Mitch Kapor, Bob Kahn, Nathan Myhrvold, George Heilmeier, Edward McCracken, Esther Dyson, and John Sculley. [Brenda J. Trainor (, telecomreg, 1/6/94. net-hap.]

The White House Information Infrastructure Task Force has set up a "superhighway" bulletin board with schedules, committee reports, and minutes of task force meetings. Telnet to, login gopher, or gopher to, or dial in to (202) 501-1920. For more information call (202) 482-1835. [net-hap, 12/27/94.]

Schedules for C-SPAN and C-SPAN 2 news coverage are now generally available 24 hours in advance on America Online. C-SPAN may be taped for educational use, or copies may be ordered from the Purdue archives. AOL also carries debates and other political services. [, net-hap, 1/13/94.]

Rep. Sam Coppersmith (D-AZ) is one of the first Members of Congress to offer constituents two-way email access. Coppersmith is For gopher access to official information, telnet to port 70 (Arizona Statewide Information/ U. S. Rep. Sam Coppersmith). For announcements, send a "sub coprsmth your name" message to [Peter Loge (, CARR-L, 1/12/94.]