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Online BookStore encourages submission of original "betabooks" on consignment. Distribution will be via gopher, Voyager, WWW, or gopher+ ASCII; any revenue will be split 50/50. HTML format is preferred; 1MB max. Send a 1-screen proposal to [Laura Fillmore. Tracy LaQuey Parker (, net-hap, 1/14/94.]

Scientific databases; Information Systems. Yannis Ioannidis ( and Maria Zemankova (; 2/28/94 deadline. [12/29/93.]

High-tech marketing; IEEE Engineering Management Review. Includes product development, the R&D/marketing interface, strategic marketing, technology transfer, and product forecasting techniques. David Scott Lewis (, (714) 662-7037. [, RITIM, 12/20/93.] (The audience is 10,000 senior managers and executives in computer, communications, and electronics firms. Good contacts.)

Language and proof theory; J. of Logic, Language and Information (JOLLI). Submit LaTeX-format papers by 9/1/94 to Dov M. Gabbay (Imperial College) or Ruth M. Kempson ( [ELSNET, 1/6/94.]

The linguistics of humor; symposium of the International Society of Humor Studies (ISHS '94), Ithaca, NY, 6/(22-26)/94. Send abstracts by 2/15/94 to Salvatore Attardo ( Conference details from M.A. Rishel (rishel@ithaca.bitnet). [HUMANIST, 1/10/94.]