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Several Mac programming wizards have formed The Mac Group. Got a deadline? They'll put their regular jobs on hold to save your hide. "If you have to ask, you can't afford it." , 800-SYNC-WAIT. [Adam C. Engst , TidBITS, 2/13/95.

Mark Riordan has complied a list of large-integer arithmetic packages, plus a few floating-point packages. Most are C function libraries, available in source form. FTP BIGNUMS.TXT from for the latest version. See also . [, sci.math, 1/27/95.]

Unir Corporation is offering a free "UnirVersity course" via telnet to 5555. The April topic is "An Introduction to the CONIX Operating Environment," which provides an object- oriented layer on top of Unix. Contact to enroll. [comp.unix.advocacy, 4/2/95.]

Walnut Creek CDROM, purveyor of the Info Mac binaries and other fine Internet archives, is now on WWW at . See their catalog, job postings, FTP site, etc. [,, 3/16/95.]

Celestin Company has released a 2nd edition of its Apprentice CD-ROM, a compilation of shareware and public-domain source code, frameworks, tools, libraries, HyperCard resources, demos, and technical information for Mac programmers. Over 600MB -- 15K files -- with an index formatted for Easy View, FileMaker, and On Location. Mostly C, C++, and Pascal, but with full implementations of C, Forth, Perl, Lisp, Prolog and other programming languages. URLs to original/up-to-date source material are given wherever possible. $35 (or $25 upgrade) from Celestin Company , , 360/385-3767, 360/385-3586 Fax. [Geoff Duncan , TidBITS, 2/13/95.]