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hofstadter is a list about the ideas (or in the style) of Douglas R. Hofstadter, including his Metamagical Themas and his Nomic game. Send a "subscribe hofstadter" message to . [Jason Rasku , NEW-LIST, 11Nov98.]

Riccardo Poli is collecting information about university courses in evolutionary computing, to update John Koza's list of four years ago. Contact by 04Dec98. [, GA-List, 11/12/98. Bill Park.]

Hugo de Garis' ICES98 report on evolvable hardware is available at . [, GA-List, 13Nov98. Bill Park.]

INTELIGENCIA-ARTIFICIAL is a new Spanish-language discussion about AI and expert systems. Send a message to , or visit . [Pablo Fernando Sanchez , NEW-LIST, 09Nov98.]

If you're torn between Prolog and Common Lisp (or ML, or Haskell) for AI teaching and applications, consider Mercury. "It's got everything and they've done things the right way." Version 0.8 should be out soon, including a Prolog-like debugger. . [, comp.lang.prolog, 06Nov98. Bill Park.]

The Brighton University Resource Kit for Students (BURKS), 3rd ed., is a nonprofit set of 2 CDs for computer science students. It includes DOS/Windows compilers, tutorials, and reference material for Prolog and about 20 other programming languages; the Free Online Dictionary of Computing with over 11K definitions; a Linux distribution and manuals; FAQs, tutorials, and specs for Internet and PC-related topics; and a large selection of software. The CDs are UKP 5.00 from , or $8.50 (plus shipping) from George Washington University. Or you can download the items you need from , or for the Prolog materials. This edition is sponsored by GEC-Marconi and ROCC Computers. [John English , comp.lang.prolog, 04Nov98. Bill Park.]

StudyWeb, at , offers good introductory to advanced CS, AI, Lisp, and Prolog links. [Robin Hayden ,, 05Nov98.]