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Current images of Jupiter and Shoemaker-Levy 9 are on, or for FTP from the /news directory on (The node is busy, so completing a transfer can be difficult.) [Steve Outing ( and Emery Jeffreys (, online-news, 7/18/94.] Additional information can be found via telnet to (, login c1993e. [HYTEL-L, 7/17/94. net-hap.]

NASA's Johnson Space Center, Image Sciences Division, is putting a digital image collection on the net. This includes 9K "press release" images from Project Mercury to the present, plus up to 12K recent Earth observation images. Another 200K Earth images are planned for the coming year. JPEG sequences and descriptive text average 40KB each. FTP://, Gopher://, or /html/home.htm. Kevin Marsh ( [c.i.announce, 7/10/94. net-hap.]

Another ZIP Code or geographic name server is gopher:// (%20 is probably an underscore. I'm not sure about the 7.) You can get name, county, latitude, longitude, elevation, 1980 population, and other notes. [Bruce Speyer (, gopherjewels, 7/5/94. CARR-L.] (Rumor has it that none of the online ZIP servers are complete enough for commercial work.)

Yale's Peabody Museum of Natural History is putting its collections data on About 1M specimens are listed so far, including 29K minerals and 113K birds. [Lawrence F. Gall (, gopher-announce, 6/30/94. net-hap.]

Project Gutenberg is publishing the number "e" to 1M decimal places. FTP ee710xxx from etext/etext94 on [Michael S. Hart (, PACS-L, 4/1/94.]