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CNET's can help you find freeware, shareware, and demo software programs such as "Chinese Dictionary: Mandarin 1.0," "Learning The Hebrew Alphabet 1.0," and "Arabic: Sounds and Pictures 1.0." . [Robin Nobles , net-hap, 29Oct99.]

Software Sleuth can help you find freeware and shareware to meet any need. . [Curt Davis , DUC, 29Oct99. net-hap.]

The Super Shareware site had almost 8K programs available last year. . [Alan S. Harrell [, netsites, 12Apr99. net-hap.]

See also the Softseek categories and search engine, at . [Frank Bohan , netsites, 29May99. net-hap.]

DaveCentral Software Archive lists shareware, freeware, betas, and demos for Windows. . [, net-hap, 23Mar99.]

For Windows shareware, the largest site is . [Alan S. Harrell, netsites, 26May99. net-hap.]

Useful Things is a weekly review and recommendation of a Windows shareware program. Send a "subscribe useful-things" message to . [, NEW-LIST, 05Jun00.]

Catch-UP is a Web-based service to find and download the latest PC software patches and upgrades. . [BC , WebSiteDaily, 14Mar00. net-hap.]

VersionTracker notifies you of Mac software updates, with descriptions and reviews. . [Alan S. Harrell, netsites, 16May00. net-hap.]

----- "The process is always the same. You need to know what you're looking for and then go look for it!" -- Robert T. Kiyosaki, "Rich Dad, Poor Dad." -----