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EG3 maintains a list of AI Internet resources, including FAQs, papers, jump pages, shareware, and company lists. Additional resources are solicited. See and . These are part of EG3's Free Electronic Engineers' Toolbox at , which gets 2M hits/month from 150K users. [Nina Pinto ,, 25Dec99.]

Natural and Artificial Intelligence Systems Organization is a recently formed non-profit professional group for intelligence researchers. Prof. Witold Pedrycz of UAlberta is the initial president. NAISO will work with International Computer Science Conventions (ICSC) Canada to host conferences, symposia, and workshops -- starting with the Information Science Innovations Congress (ISI'2001) at the American University of Dubai, 20-23Mar01, . NAISO/ICSC is at P.O. Box 279, Millet, AB T0C 1Z0, Canada; +1-780-387-3546, +1-780-387-4329 fax. [,, 25Oct99.]

----- "The best organizations to be in, it seems, are the busiest ones as long as they are busy for someone else. The worst are those that are obsessed with their own innards... The healthiest are those which exist for others, not for themselves. Show me a business or a school or a church that is preoccupied with its customers or clients, determined to do its best for them and not just to survive for the sake of surviving, and I'll bet you that they don't have time for too many committees, for forms, for politicking or for nitpicking about mistakes. Those are the organizations which are fun to be in, which give you room to be yourself, to express yourself, to grow." -- Charles Handy, "Waiting for the Mountain to Move: Reflections on Work and Life." -----