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Dan Corkill ( says that his AI Expert article "Introducing Blackboard Systems" is now out (Sept 1991 issue). It was edited down to meet page requirements, but Dan can provide full text and complete references by request.

IEEE Expert's August issue continues a special track by Bob Simpson ( on DARPA's computer-vision and autonomous navigation research.

Computer Science Press is looking for reviewers for an introductory AI textbook, The Basis of AI, by Donald Tveter ( The book views pattern recognition as fundamental, unifying symbolic, neural, and case-based approaches. Contact Nola J. Hague ( [, 8/25.]

IEEE Expert is looking for book reviewers. See the magazine for instructions.

Debora Weber-Wulff ( is starting an nqthm-users mailing list for users of the NQTHM Boyer-Moore theorem prover. Contact or to join. [, 9/8.]

If you are a user of NeuralWare products, contact Suraj C. Surendrakumar ( about joining the free NeuralWare User Group International (NUGI). [, 9/8.]

Keith Pierce ( is looking for large, non-Ada software products that can be put in the public domain for instructional use. He would like to develop course materials similar to the Ada-based EM-1 software-engineering suite from the Software Engineering Institute (SEI). [, 9/5.]