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Information Access Co., a leading supplier of reference materials and indexes, is advertising for programmer analysts with three years of C experience -- especially database compression, retrieval, and graphics. 362 Lakeside Dr., Foster City, CA 94404.

The National University of Singapore has taken out a full-page ad in CACM (3/91, p. 132) for its Institute of Systems Science. It is seeking ISS Fellows and senior research management people in AI, NLP, and multimedia. (isshycg@nusvm.bitnet)

If you prefer France, the new THESEUS graduate management school in Sophia-Antipolis is advertising for Ph.D. faculty in information and networking technologies. [CACM, 3/91.]

The German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) at Saarbruecken is looking for LISP/PROLOG-fluent researchers for the "AKA-Mod" (Modeling Cooperative Agents) project. Dr. H.J. Mueller ( [DAI-List.]

The Australian AI Institute (Carlton) is looking for world-class researchers in planning, constraint satisfaction, real-time reasoning, DAI, etc. (AAII is affiliated with SRI International.) Contact Martin Dunlop,

ERIM has recently implemented a doctoral fellowship program in conjunction with UMichigan/EECS. ERIM is also advertising in AI Magazine for research scientists in advanced image analysis.

Spain: Dr. Vincente Lopez (lopez@emdcci11.bitnet or .earn) is seeking candidates for a 1991 neural-network postoc. The Instituto de Ingeniera del Conocimiento is an R&D institute at the Univeristy Autonoma de Madrid concerned with research in expert systems and neural networks. Starting gross salary is up to 3.000.000 pts per annum. [Neuron Digest.]

UBirmingham is looking for a Lecturer in Human-Computer Interaction. Contact [NL-KR.]