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Last week I introduced Dr. Matthew Witten. Matt is writing Frankenstein in the Machine, a comprehensive study of high- performance computing in medicine, dentistry, veterinary science, biology, and allied health sciences, to be published by Pergamon Press. The work is nearing completion, but Matt can still incorporate leads for the next month or so. He would particularly like to hear about sources -- published or animate -- for images and illustrations of computational results (medical imaging, medical microscopy visualization, molecular visual- ization, simulation, etc.) and for appropriate papers or preprints in computational health sciences: physiology, pharmacology, chemistry, epidemiology, biostatistics, disease and organ modeling, cell biology, radiology, surgery, cardiology, etc. If you have such materials or can suggest leads, please e-mail or mwitten@uthermes.bitnet, or call (512) 471-2472; 471-2445 Fax. (If you can't suggest a lead, do you know someone who might?) Dr. Matthew Witten, Assoc. Director, UT System Center for High Performance Computing, Balcones Research Center, 1.154 CMS, 10100 Burnet Road, Austin, TX 78758-4497.