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Mississippi State U.: head of CS dept.

Cornell (Ithaca, NY): profs. in AI, DB, IR, etc.

Cornell (Ithaca, NY): research faculty in digital libraries.

UMass (Amherst): postdocs in IR, data mining.

UPenn. (Philadelphia): fellows in cog.sci, logic and computation.

UMinnesota (Minneapolis): profs. in SE, DB, AI, HCI, etc.

E. Connecticut State U. (Willimantic): prof in AI, DB.

UArkansas (Fayetteville): faculty in NLP, IR, data mining.

Ricoh (Menlo Park, CA): MS/PhD researcher in ML, pat.rec., HCI.

Motorola Corporate Research Lab (Schaumburg, IL): MS/PhD R&D in speech recognition and NLP.

Intelligent Text Processing, Inc. (Santa Monica, CA): MS/PhD computational lexicographer to develop commercial NLP.

Atlanta, GA: researchers in KDD, data mining, ML.

Australian-based co. (San Jose, CA): R&D in neurocomputing.

UWaterloo (Ontario): profs. in AI, DB, SE, etc.

National Research Council of Canada (Ottawa): R&D in applied AI, KBR, FL, ML, etc.

UOttawa (Canada): postdocs in intelligent information access.

Sharp (Oxford, UK): scientist in multilingual IR.

Surrey, UK: R&D in speech recognition, pat.rec., signal processing.

Umea U. (Vienna): profs. in AI, HCI, DB, distributed systems, etc.

USiena (Italy): postdocs in hybrid systems, recurrent networks.

ATR (Kyoto): PhD for statistical NLP in speech-to-speech translation.