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The J. of Geographic Information and Decision Analysis (JGIDA) is a new electronic/WWW journal, starting Spring 1997. . Articles should be sent to Jacek Malczewski ; software for review to Shawn Kates . Software reviewers may contact T.J. Moore . [comp.infosystems.gis, 21Dec96.]

IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation is soliciting contributions in genetic algorithms, genetic programming, evolvable hardware, artificial life, etc. David B. Fogel . [GA-List, 20Dec96. Bill Park.]

Social informatics; J. of the American Society for Information Science (JASIS), early 1998. 15Jan97; Rob Kling . . [IRLIST, 09Dec96.]

Detecting, repairing, and preventing human-machine miscommunication; Int. J. of Human Computer Studies/Knowledge Acquisition (IJHCS). 31Dec96, Susan McRoy . [IRLIST, 09Dec96.]

Objects, databases, and the WWW; Theory and Applications of Object Systems (TAPOS), Apr '98. 31May97; Alberto Mendelzon , +1-416-978-2952. [Roberto Zicari , dbworld, 17Dec96.]

Digital libraries in medicine; Int. J. of Digital Libraries. 05Mar97; Steven Wong . [, dbworld, 26Dec96.]

Computational modeling of brain disorders; AI in Medicine, Jun '98. 15Mar97; Eytan Ruppin . [connectionists, 13Dec96.]

AI and the changing face of health care; IEEE Expert. 31Jan97; Erika Rogers , (404) 880-6952, (404) 880-6963 Fax. [, 23Dec96. Bill Park.]

Machine learning in design; Artificial Intelligence for Engineering Design, Analysis and Manufacturing (AI EDAM); Apr '98. 27Jun97; David Brown . Declare interest by 07Mar97. . [, 23Dec96. David Joslin.]

Data mining for financial applications; NeuroVe$t Journal, May '97. 15Jan97; <>. . [,, 08Dec96.]

-- Ken