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The US Supreme Court has rejected a challenge to CA's Proposition 209, a state constitutional amendment that now bans race or gender -- actually race, sex, color, ethnicity, or national origin -- from being considered in state/local government hiring or school admission. [AP. Mercury Center, 03Nov97.]

The women's share of CS bachelor's degrees has dropped from 37% in 1984 to 28% in 1993-95. [BW, 25Aug97, p. 136.]

Despite the economic success of high tech, companies are starting to realize that they have to participate in politics or they can be blindsided by new laws. DC isn't the kind of place where you can present your slide show once and then go home. You have to maintain an active lobby or your competitors for federal funds will find ways to re-introduce defeated bills. You may even have to play some golf. "You don't come here, give an inoculation on your issues to 535 members of Congress, and say 'Now they're immunized.'" Besides, the battles keep shifting between Capitol Hill and the regulatory agencies. Fortunately, it's not hard for industry executives to get face time with politicians or their staffs. After all, high tech is a sixth of the US economy. [Rory J. O'Connor, SJM, 07Sep97, 1D.]