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The Resource Center for Cyberculture Studies is an online, nonprofit organization for studies of the Internet. Features include interviews, book reviews, events and conferences. . [David Silver , EDTECH, 10Nov98. net-hap.]

"InfoNation: A User's Guide to Forward Technologies and the Emerging Computer Culture" is a publication about cutting-edge digital technologies. . [Charles Anthony , newjour, 11Feb98.]

"6 Million Human Beings" is an exhibit from the MusŽe de l'Homme that demonstrates global population growth. Enter your age to find the population growth since you were born. . [John Reese , websitedaily, 12Nov98. net-hap.]

2> Distance education: [With Louis Bookbinder.]

Western Governors University is forming a "Governors Open University System" consortium with Britain's Open University, to offer credit- and competency-based video and Internet courses. Open U. serves more than 200K students worldwide, and dates back to 1969. [Chronicle of Higher Ed., 27Nov98. Edupage.]

The World Assoc. for Online Education (WAOE; "Wowee!") is a new non-profit multilingual and intercultural educators' organization dedicated to turning online education into a professional discipline. Trial memberships are free through at least Jun99, and expertise can be provided in lieu of dues. , . To subscribe to WAOE-NEWS announcements, send a "subscribe waoe-news" message to . There is also an unmoderated WAOE- VIEWS list. [Steve McCarty , NETEACH-L, 24Nov98. net-hap.]

Virtual University Gazette, a free monthly email newsletter, offers notices of new online courses from colleges and corporations. . [Vicky Phillips , wwwedu, 10Sep98. net-hap.]

The Online Courses Newsletter provides info and links. . [Eduardo Peirano , NEW-LIST, 27Jul98.]

"Resources for Moderators and Facilitators of Online Discussions" by Collins and Berge is a good source of information about running lists. . [G. Ernest Anderson , 23Sep98. net-hap.]

3> Science education: [With Jason Westmacott.]

Finger Searcher Science Seeker newsletter is a free weekly review of science/math education resources on the Internet, from Canada. , with archives at . [Martin Badke , NEW-LIST, 13Sep98.]

The International registry for Women In Science has information about women of the past and present, plus a mentoring section for young scientists of the future. or . [Lisa DuFur , net-hap, 05Oct98.]

Bizarre Stuff You Can Make in Your Kitchen is an unusual site dedicated to all the mad scientists out there. It's full of interesting projects using mostly common household materials. . [Michael Schelling , WebAndStuff, 14Nov98. net-hap.]