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NSF is beginning its move to 4201 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington, VA 22230, with the new mailing address taking effect 10/25/93. CISE will make the move on 11/19/93. [NSF Bulletin, grants, 9/1/93.]

Nominations of outstanding young scientists, mathematicians, or engineers for the 19th Alan T. Waterman Award are due by 12/31/93. Contact Mrs. Susan Fannoney, National Science Board, (202) 357-7512.

New files at NSF include a brochure for the NSF NATO Postdoctoral Fellowship in Science & Engineering 1993-1994 (NSF 93-129) and a program guideline on Research on Digital Libraries (NSF 93-141). FTP from [grants, 9/5/93 and 9/19/93.]

(NSF is also recruiting a "Supervisory Criminal Investigator (Special Agent-in-Charge)." Watch out!)

Another brochure is Summer Institute in Japan For US Graduate Students in Science and Engineering, including Biomedical Science and Engineering (NSF 93-124). Application materials for Graduate and Minority Graduate Research Fellowships (NSF 93-111) are available from Oak Ridge Associated Universities, (615) 483-3344; due 11/5/93. [grants, 9/12/93.]

Semiannual competitions for Japanese support, due 11/1/93: Dissertation Enhancement Awards for US Graduate Student Research in Japan; Japan Postdoctoral and Junior Investigator Research Fellowships; Medium and Long-Term Visits in Japan for US Researchers.

NSF/CISE proposal deadline: Institutional Infrastructure/Research Infrastructure, 10/18,

NSF/CISE 11/1/93 target dates: Circuits and Signal Processing,; Computer Systems,; Database and Expert Systems, (202) 357-9570; Design, Tools, and Test,; Experimental Systems,; Information Technology and Organizations,; Interactive Systems;; Knowledge Models and Cognitive Systems,; Microelectronic Systems Architecture, 357-7853; NSFNET Program--Connections to NSFNET,; Numeric, Symbolic, and Geometric Computation,; Operating Systems and Systems Software,; Programming Languages and Compilers,; Robotics and Machine Intelligence,; Software Engineering,; Systems Prototyping and Fabrication,; Theory of Computing,

Cross-directorate programs have varying deadlines; contact your subject-area program officer or (202) 357-9549. Programs include:

Research Planning Grants (RPG) -- one-time, limited awards to strengthen planning and proposal-writing capabilities.

Career Advancement Awards (CAA) -- for independent investigators whose careers are still evolving, or for other experienced researchers who are changing research direction or who have had a significant research career interruption.

Research Initiation Awards (RIA) -- one-time research grants to new and minority investigators.

Research in Undergraduate Institutions (RUI) -- research and equipment for non-doctoral departments.

Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) -- support for undergraduate research participation. (Stress what you can do for the student, not what the student can do for you.)

Research Opportunity Awards (ROA) -- collaboration with NSF investigators at larger institutions.

Also contact your program officer about: Visiting Professorships for Women (VPW), 10/15 deadline; NSF-NATO Postdoctoral Fellowships: East Europe, 10/28; Graduate and Minority Graduate Research Fellowships, 11/5; NATO Postdoctoral Fellowships in Science and Engineering, 11/6; Presidential Faculty Fellows, tentatively 11/9; Instrumentation and Laboratory Improvement, 11/15; Leadership Projects in Laboratory Development, 11/15; Partnerships for Minority Student Achievement (PMSA) /Career Access, 11/15; Alliances for Minority Participation (AMP), 11/30; Research Careers for Minority Scholars (RCMS), 11/30; Summer Science Camps (SSC)/Career Access, 11/30; Applications for Advanced Technologies, 9/1 target; Research in Teaching and Learning, 9/15 target; Advanced Technological Education, 11/26 target; Instructional Materials Development, 11/15 target; Postdoctoral and Junior Investigator Research Fellowships, 9/15; US-Israel Binational Science Foundation (BSF), 11/15.