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Harlequin is seeking MS/PhD professionals who can implement data analysis, machine learning, and decision-theoretic reasoning for industrial applications. May use C, C++, Dylan, Lisp, ML, Postscript, Prolog, LispWorks, Knowledgeworks, CLIM, Transducer, or whatever. Teach computers to represent, change, manipulate, and communicate ideas, relationships, plans, and implications. "We promise not to train you." Amy Ahearn , Harlequin, Inc., One Cambridge Center, Cambridge, MA 02142; (617) 252-6505 Fax. [, 5/8/95. David Joslin.] (Some jobs might be in the UK?)

BBN Systems and Technologies (Cambridge, MA) needs a software engineer for client-server scientific data analysis and visualization, relational and object-oriented databases, GUIs, software process modeling, and software re-engineering/maintenance tools. LISP, CLIM, and C/C++ in a UNIX environment. Elizabeth Shapiro , (617) 873-3099 Fax. [m.j.o, 5/2/95.]

Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science has a tenure-track opening for an assistant professor in fuzzy sets, fuzzy systems, and neural networks. Richard A. Nigro, VP for Academic Affairs, PCT&S, Philadelphia, PA 19144. [,, 5/2/95.]

The TraumAID project at UPennsylvania (Philadelphia) needs a postdoc to work in NL generation, speech synthesis, or discourse processing starting this summer or fall. Bonnie Webber . . [ai-jobs, 5/4/95.]

The Swiss Scientific Computing Center (CSCS) needs an experienced AI research scientist for work on intelligent user interfaces, knowledge-based software engineering, expert systems, and data mining in the context of parallel programming, high-performance computing, and scientific computing. Apply by 5/19/95 to Mrs. Carla Parini-Nart, Ufficio del Personale, Centro Svizzero di Calcolo Scientifico, Via Cantonale, CH-6928 Manno, Switzerland. [Karsten M. Decker , m.j.o, 5/2/95. David Joslin.]

Cambridge University's Engineering Dept. needs a research assistant or associate for large-vocabulary continuous speech recognition using context-dependent HMM models and N-gram language models. Speaker adaptation, noise and channel compensation, and adaptive language modeling. Apply by 5/31/95 to Mavis Barber , +44-1223-332752, +44-1223-332662 Fax. [Phil Woodland , ELSNET, 5/6/95. Joseph Raben.]

Leeds University (Yorkshire, England), School of Computer Studies, is offering several research fellowships and two 5-year lectureships in SE and in AI, computational logic, computer vision, decision analysis and support, information modeling and management, NLP, safety critical computing, architectures, scheduling and constraint management, scientific computation and visualization, virtual working environments, or other areas. Enquiries to Simon French , 0113-233-5433, 0113-233-5468 Fax, or see . Eric Steven Atwell is soliciting applicants in corpus-based computational linguistics. Apply by 6/9/95. For fellowships, contact , 0113 233 4116. [ELSNET, 5/9/95. Joseph Raben.]

USalzburg (Austria), Dept. of CS and Systems Analysis, needs a full professor for knowledge-based systems. or for further info. 5/15/95 deadline for mailed applications. [Brigitte Jellinek . , m.j.misc, 5/5/95.]

The Flinders University of South Australia, Dept. of CS, has four faculty openings in SE environments, user interface toolkits, hypermedia, AI, computer architecture, or other fields. See for a description of the department, for selection criteria. Direct enquires to or to Prof. Chris Marlin, (08) 201 2662, (08) 201 3626 Fax. Apply by 6/2/95. [Janet Verbyla , dbworld, 5/8/95.]

Pohang Institute of Science and Technology, Dept. of Physics, needs a postdoc in the statistical physics of artificial and biological neural networks: generalization, storage capacity, population learning, model selection, and time series prediction. June or September start preferred. Apply by 5/15/95 to Prof. Jong-Hoon Oh , Pohang IST, Hyoja San 31 Pohang, 790-784 Kyoungbuk, Korea; +82-562-2792069, +82-562-2793099 Fax.

Academia Sinica (Taipei, Taiwan), Chinese Knowledge Information Processing (CKIP) Group, needs 1-2 postdocs in Mandarin Chinese language processing and computational linguistics, for lexical knowledge-base work on Chinese corpora and a Chinese parser. US$25K-$30K/year, July/August start. Contact Dr. Chu-Ren Huang , 886-2-7883799 x2111, by 5/6/95. [Phang Nyit Yin , NL-KR, 4/11/95.] (Past the initial contact date, but don't let that stop you if you want the job. Both previous CIKP postdocs now hold tenure-track positions at Taiwanese national universities.)