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Hanson & Associates is looking for gurus in AI scheduling and planning, knowledge engineering, Unix, C++, and Smalltalk, for work in central and east Texas. Also experts in object- oriented tools and applications, to $80K. Pauline Zamudio, 1250 Capitol of Texas Hwy Bldg 3 #650, Austin, TX 78746; 512/327-8292, 512/327-3901 Fax. [Jon Roland (, m.j.o, 7/14/94.]

UIowa (Iowa City, IA) has an immediate need for a postdoc in medical image processing and computer vision. Steve M. Collins (, (319) 335-6028 Fax. [Milan Sonka (, sci.research.postdoc, 7/19/94.]

The UKansas Telecommunications and Information Sciences Laboratory (TISL) needs a 3-year postdoc in multimedia information retrieval. Victor S. Frost (, (913) 864 4833, (913) 864 7789 Fax. [Susan Gauch (sgauch@morse.uucp), m.j.o, 7/19/94.]

GTE Labs (Waltham, MA) needs an MS/PhD software engineer for [short-term?] knowledge-based tools R&D in process re-engineering and systems analysis. Lisp, KEE, KBS, GUI. Sol J. Greenspan (, (617) 890-9320 Fax. [m.j.o, 7/14/94.]

A company "in a small foothill town [Gold Rush area] not too far from Lake Tahoe" needs an MS DSP programmer for novel algorithm development in audio/voice projects. Rick Gilbert (, Scientific Placement, Inc., P.O. Box 4270, Johnson City, TN 37602; 615-854-9444 615-854-9454 Fax. [m.j.o, 7/14/94.]

AIMS, Inc. has an immediate DC-area opening for a US MS R&D engineer for Unix/C/C++/Matlab work in radar image processing, linear and wavelet transforms, pattern recognition,and neural networks. Dr. Anthony Teolis (, 6110 Executive Blvd., Suite 850, Rockville, MD 20852-3904. [, m.j.o, 7/18/94.]

General Magic is looking for software engineers with experience in systems, OOP, dynamic languages, email/RPC/EDI, or messaging architectures. Also a software project manager for OO development with Japanese partners. Project planning, technical support, training, code delivery and updates, bug tracking, acceptance testing, contract negotiation, and remote project management. Robbie Felix (, 2465 Latham Dr., Mountain View, CA 94040; 415-966-6709, 415-965-1583 Fax. [ba.j.o, 7/15/94.]

UCentral Florida's Institute for Simulation and Training needs a BS/MS RA visual systems specialist to help develop virtual reality software. Position 42459. $33K, negotiable. Apply by 7/21/94. Daniel R. Beistel, IST, UCF, 3280 Progress Drive, Orlando, FL 32826-0544. [Greg Wiatroski (, sci.virtual-worlds, 7/7/94. Anandeep Pannu.]

Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc. (Johnston, IA) needs a part-time BS programming intern to help develop an AI/OOP genomic information system. Unix/X/Lisp. Chuabo Xu (, (515) 270 5930, (515) 270 4312 Fax. [ #3849. Georg Fuellen, 7/15/94.] (Part-time work in Iowa may not be of general interest, but it's a reminder that seed companies can be a source of interesting jobs.)

Dragon Systems is still looking for a computational linguist with native Swedish skills and a research engineer (C and signal processing) with knowledge of European or Japanese phonetics. Human Resources, Dragon Systems, Inc., 320 Nevada Street, Newton, MA 02160. [Boston Sunday Globe, 7/17/94. Ron Zacharski.]

Duke needs a postdoc in neural network models of spatial learning. Dr. Nestor Schmajuk (, Dept. of Experimental Psychology, Duke University, Durham, NC 27706. [Jonathan Marshall (, Neuron Digest, 7/15/94.]

Graz University of Technology (Austria), Inst. of Computer Graphics, needs a postdoc or pre-doctoral computer vision researcher for fusion of image data, symbolic features, object models, and control information. 2-5 years. Axel Pinz ( [sci.research.postdoc, 7/17/94.]