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View the documentComputists' news is a proposed moderated newsgroup for expert systems in developing countries. Contact or Luis Araiza ( with comments. [LINGUIST, 7/19/94.] (The name needs to be more specific.)

AI-NAT covers applications of AI to the natural world: resource management, development planning, defense, etc. (Another list covers agricultural expert systems.) Send a "subscribe ai-nat netaddress" message to [Bob McKay (,, 7/14/94. David Joslin.]

Pac-Hiway concerns development of the [Canadian?] information highway, especially policy issues. Send a "subscribe pac-hiway your name" message to Questions to Shawn W. Yerxa ( of the Public Advisory Council on Information Highway Policy. [net-hap, 7/17/94.]

WWW-Speed covers technical approaches to speeding up WWW service. Contact [Simon E. Spero (, c.i.www, 7/15/94. net-hap.] (A related list is WWW-Talk.)

CYBER-MIND is devoted to the "new subjectivities" of cyberspace -- philosophical, psychological, and social. More than 350 people are registered. Send a "subscribe cybermind netaddress" message to [Alan Sondheim (, net-hap, 7/16/94.]

TECHSPIRIT-L (Technospirituality Discussion List) covers the relationships between electronic networking and spirituality or religion. Send a "subscribe techspirit-l your name" message to, or contact Mark Taylor ( [, net-hap, 7/11/94.]