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NSF is ending its support of the commercial Internet, but is funding a new "super net" for research and education. This expands the "very high speed Backbone Network System" (vBNS) used by five supercomputing centers, soon to operate at 622Mbps (vs 45Mbps for the Internet). The initial beneficiaries will be researchers trying to use video over the net. NSF is giving $350K to each of 13 colleges, and expects to spend $50M over five years. About 35 more grants will be made in the second round, for innovative solutions of broad applicability. Current winners include distributed computing, remote access to instruments, visualization of weather, chemical reactions, medicine, transportation studies, interactive multimedia collaboration, digital libraries, etc. [Steve Johnson, SJM, 8/17/96, 1C. Also WEBster, 8/20/96.]

Tired of .com, .org, .edu, etc.? Up to 50 new registry services will be licenced before 2/97, with authority to administer up to 150 new international top-level domains. [BNA Daily Report for Executives, 8/26/96, A9. EDUPAGE.] (This should reduce lawsuits about trademarked addresses. One Canadian company recently reserved over 9K common surnames, for lease to people who want a vanity address. Registered domain names have been increasing by 45K-50K/month. [Mike Walsh , net-hap, 8/11/96.])

ADV-CGI is a moderated discussion of the Common Gateway Interface (CGI) and other advanced Web programming topics -- but not Java and Javascript, which are covered by other lists. Send a "subscribe adv-cgi your name" message to . [Scout Report, 5/10/96.]

JAVA-L is a new discussion list about JAVA. Send a "sub java-l your name" message to . [Veli Hazar , bestweb, 7/26/96. net-hap.]

Sun has dropped their Java WorkShop system developer kit (SDK) from $200 to $99 until 12/31/96. A free 30-day evaluation copy of is available at . [Farcast. NewtNews, 8/27/96. Bill Park.]

The PageMill 2.0 website authoring package for the Macintosh is available in a free beta from . Similar releases for Windows 95 and NT may be available soon. [Bill Park , 8/8/96.]

The NetscapeWorld online publication for webmasters has a new, "techno-savvy" format. . [Gerald R. Viers , ADV-HTML, 7/8/96. net-hap.]

IntraNut is a new online journal about intranets. . [, comp.infosystems, 7/18/96. newjour.]