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A House/Senate joint conference has eliminated provisions that would have taxed tuition waivers for graduate students, faculty, or employees. [Fedix Opportunity Alert Flyer, 04Aug97.]

TMS Technologies, Inc. (Ithaca, NY) has a 3-year DARPA contract to develop micro-electromechanical system (MEMS) memories incorporating thousands of micro-fabricated scanning tunneling microscopes (STMs) developed by Cornell. TMS will work on a 10GB PCMCIA card memory, then on memories of 10TB per square centimeter. [Semiconductor International, Aug97, p. 24. Bill Park.]

Samsun Semiconductor Inc. (Seoul, Korea) is shipping samples of a DEC Alpha CPU clone, the 64-bit 21164 Alpha, with a 600MHz chip available soon in quantity. [Ibid, p. 26.]

Cambridge Display Technology (CDT; Cambridge, UK) makes light-emitting polymers for inexpensive large-scale and flexible displays -- possibly even clothing. [Ibid, p. 50. Bill Park.]

Microsoft plans to hire 3,600 people in the US this coming year, including 2,000 new positions near Seattle. The company is beginning to see a shortage of high-quality US software developers, and is beginning to look to Ireland, India, and China. Microsoft is also outsourcing more of its work. [Reuters, Yahoo! News, 17Jul97. Network News.] (Some software professionals dispute the need for overseas hiring, saying that US companies are just looking for cheap labor. Whatever; it's happening.)

Microsoft will be offering a half-day live broadcast about HTML and Internet Explorer 4.0 Web-development tools, free on 21Aug97 at 50 theaters worldwide and via NetShow broadcast. . Questions to be answered during the broadcast may be sent to . [Janice Arenas , 05Aug97. Bill Park.]