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AI Expert magazine has ceased publication with the 6/95 issue. "Most of our technologies have been incorporated within mainstream computer technologies." Subscribers are being offered AI in Finance (quarterly), Virtual Reality Special Report, Game Developer, or Dr. Dobb's Journal (the default). [5/9/95.] (Mark Kantrowitz says that the magazine staff is mystified by the Miller Freeman Inc. decision to cease production, as there had been no downturn in business. The staff will continue publishing special reports on AI. Job seekers may want to save this year's AI Expert issues for their tabulated addresses of AI/neural-network developers and vendors.)

Microsoft WinNews Electronic Newsletter covers new products for MS Windows. Send a "SUBSCRIBE WINNEWS" message to . [Jay Goldstein , 5/1/95. Bill Park.]

Netsurfer Focus is a new e-magazine from the publishers of the email Netsurfer Digest, to carry articles in greater depth. Published every 4 to 6 weeks. The first issue is devoted to network/computer security. Send a "subscribe nsdigest-html" or "subscribe nsdigest-text" message to . See for more info, or for Netsurfer Focus Marketplace for products by Bellcore and other advertisers. [Arthur P. Bebak , net-hap, 5/1/95.]

To get the latest "New On The Internet" email newsletter, contact . [David H. Citron , freelance, 5/2/95.]

The Information Center bills itself as "The #1 business opportunities and informational online magazine." . [Cray , net-hap, 5/4/95.]

MacShareNews reports on new Macintosh and Newton shareware, freeware, and demo programs. Send a "MacSN-request" subject line to . [alt.comp.shareware, 5/3/95.]

Mac*Chat from Tony Lindsey reviews Mac shareware and just about anything else. Lots of good tips. Send a "subscribe macchat your name" message to . [, Mac*Chat, 5/2/95.]

Mac Media is a free monthly variety magazine, with Macintosh-related articles, fiction, software and CD ROM reviews, commentary, art, graphics, and helpful tips. Request a subscription from Denise McNickle , or from if you're on AOL. [newjour, 5/5/95.]

The Bulletin of the Interest Group in Pure and Applied Logics (IGPL) is available by binary FTP from theory/forum/igpl/Bulletin/V3-1 on V3 N1 (3/95), in file, is over 500KB. Contributions of the authors can also be retrieved individually. Decompress with gnuzip, and use xhdvi to see hypertext links. >From WWW, see . [Ruy de Queiroz , info.theorynt, 5/5/95.]

Abstracts of papers published in Neural Processing Letters are now available on and by FTP from /pub/neural-nets/NPL on You can use a credit card to subscribe to the journal. D facto publications, +32 2 245 43 63, +32 2 245 46 94 Fax. [, Neuron Digest, 5/4/95.]

Journal call: Multimedia and multisensory virtual worlds; ACM-Springer Multimedia Systems, 12/95. 5/15/95, Gurminder Singh , +65 772-3651, +65 774-4998 Fax. [, 5/2/95.]