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MacUser is archiving a reduced version of EvangeList, at . The MacUser site also offers a Utility of the Month, Editor's Choice Awards (), and articles from the magazine. . For notification of new content, send a "subscribe" subject line or message to . [Jason Snell , MacWay, 12/14/95.]

Macworld magazine has eliminated sign-in requirements for many of its website services, including current and back issues of Macworld. (The message boards and vendor areas still gather demographic data for advertisers.) . [GD, TidBITS, 10/30/95.]

Macworld UK Online is updated biweekly. . [Liz W. Tompkins , newjour, 12/23/95.]

MacSense can be found at . A PCSense should also be available now. [Roy Chartier , net-hap, 10/18/95.]

The Windows 95 QAID (Question - Answer - Information - Database) is a large collection of Windows 95 information. . [, net-hap, 12/19/95.]

PC Today includes reviews and thousands of products for comparison shopping. . [, newjour, 12/27/95.]

Newsbytes now has online archives and subscription service at , plus free daily top stories from Newsbytes, MacWeek, PC Week, and other Ziff publications. $24.95 for 3 months (individual). A Japanese version is at the Newsbytes Pacifica Web site, . [Network News, 10/29/95.]

Internet Business Journal is offering its 2/96 issue free at . This includes guides to demographic surveys, advertising costs, and the Pegasus mailer. [Aneurin Bosley , net-hap, 1/16/96.]

The Online Column is Steve Kelley's weekly newspaper column covering books, shareware, and online services issues. See , or write to for email subscriptions. [newjour, 11/5/95.] (His Halloween column was very good. I'll bet he does another for Valentine's Day.)

To find other computer/software magazine websites, visit the Top 100 list at . [Liz W. Tompkins , net-hap, 12/13/95.]