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ewm-all is a list for European women academic mathematicians, including job ads and fellowship announcements. Send a "join emw-all your name" message to (or to , if you use VAX email). [Educom UPDATE, 1/15/96.]

COMB-L is for discussions in combinatorial mathematics. Send a "subscribe comb-l your name" message to . [Ken W. Smith , NEW-LIST, 1/19/96.]

The BUGS list is for users of the BUGS software for Bayesian inference on complex statistical models using Markov chain Monte Carlo techniques. Send a "join bugs your name" message to . BUGS software is free from the MRC Biostatistics Unit. [, new-list, 2/15/96.]

SIMUL_MODEL (Simulacion y Modelacion de sistemas dinamicos) covers dynamic systems modeling and simulation. In Spanish. Send a "subscribe simul-model your name" message to . [Gabriel Lera , NEW-LIST, 2/20/96.]

ECONOMETRIA covers econometrics, economic statistics, and mathematical economics. In Spanish. Send a "subscribe econometria your name" message to . [Ignacio Diaz-Emparanza , NEW-LIST, 3/3/96.]

List about Fuzzy Logic and Technologies (LFLAT) is from the Spanish Assoc. of Fuzzy Logic and Technologies. In Spanish. Send a "sub lflat your name" message to . [Antonio F. Gomez Skarmeta , NEW-LIST, 3/3/96.]

SAMO, for sensitivity analysis of model output, discusses uncertainty analyses and the relative importance of model parameters in determining model predictions. Send a "join samo your name" message to . [, new-lists, 11/27/95.]

ITHURS (Intelligent Technologies in Human-Related Sciences) is for discussion of systems that make intelligent decisions under uncertainty. Application areas include finance, economics, management, operations research, control engineering, law, medicine, etc. Technologies include fuzzy logic, NN, GA, DAI, fuzzy ES, Tabu search, ML, chaos theory, pattern recognition, clustering, etc. Send a "subscribe ithurs your name" message to . . [Enrique Lopez Gonzalez , NEW-LIST, 3/12/96.]

Learning Robots is a new list with a European focus. Send a "subscribe learningrobots" message to . . [Volker Klingspor , comp.robotics.research, 3/8/96. David Joslin.]