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The Journal of Organizational Computing is a new Ablex quarterly edited by Andrew B. Whinston ( It covers impacts of computer and communication technology on organizational design, operations, and performance. Papers are solicited by 1/15/92 for an issue on digital journals: technology, economic, impacts, administration, quality control, customization, collaboratory relationships, etc. Subscriptions are $45, or $90 for institutions, plus $15 postage outside the U.S. and Canada. [DAI-List, 7/26.]

Computer Vision, Graphics, and Image Processing (CVGIP) is splitting into two journals. CVGIP: Image Understanding will continue under Linda G. Shapiro (UWashington); CVGIP: Graphical Models and Image Processing will be edited by Norman Badler (UPenn) and Rama Chellappa (USC). Each is bimonthly, from Academic Press. The former covers analysis, for $264 in the U.S. and Canada; the latter, synthesis for $200.

The Journal of Visual Communication and Image Representation will be edited by Yehoshua Y. Zeevi (Technion-Israel and Rutgers) and T. Russell Hsing (Bellcore). Quarterly, $128 U.S. and Canada, Academic Press.

The Journal of Computer Security is a new quarterly edited by Sushil Jajodia ( and Jonathan Millen ( [IEEE Computer, 8/91.]

Intelligent process control; Int. J. on Engineering Applications of AI, mid-1992. Contact Ming Rao, (403) 492-8250, by 9/16/91. [IEEE Computer, 8/91.]

Software reliability models; IEEE Software, 1992. Contact Pradip K. Srimani ( or Yashwant K. Malaiya ( by 10/1/91. [IEEE Computer, 8/91.]

AI in text-based information systems; IEEE Expert. Contact Dik L. Lee ( or W. Bruce Croft ( by 10/25/91. [IEEE Computer, 8/91.]

Specification and analysis of real-time systems; IEEE Trans. on Software Engineering, 10/92. Contact Carlo Ghezzi (relett24@imipoli.bitnet) or Richard A. Kemmerer ( by 1/1/92. [IEEE Computer, 8/91.]

The 8th Conf. on AI Applications, 2-3 March 1992, is soliciting workshop proposals. Contact Donald P. McKay (, or write to for the conference call for papers. [Neuron Digest, 8/9.]

ASIS is planning its mid-year meeting (May 27-30, Albuquerque, NM) on Networks, Telecommunications, and the Networked Information Resource Revolution. Internet access will be provided [for the first time], giving participants a chance to try internet services. Proposals for panels and demonstration sessions are due August 15. Dr. Clifford A. Lynch ( [IRList, 8/6.]