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The "patient money" from Asia may be drying up. Most of the money has come from Japan (funding 160 U.S. electronics companies since 1986), with Taiwan as a secondary source. But Tokyo's stock market has fallen 40% in two years, and Taiwan's has dropped 60% since its 2/90 peak. Computer-related U.S. funding is down 53% from a year ago, according to the Ulmer Brothers' Japan M&A Reporter. [Evely Richards, Washington Post. SJM, 9/28.] (The U.S. has begun offering residency to anyone willing to invest $1M for two years, but there are very few takers. Canada and Australia got there first.)

Fujitsu Ltd. has just made its first investment in a software firm: 40% of Softway Pty. Ltd. (Australia), a developer of UNIX systems. [Computerworld, 9/23.]

There are rumors that Canon of Japan has pumped more money into NeXT, adding to its previous investment of $100M. Also that Steve Jobs is negotiating to get his Nextstep operating system running on Intel processors. [Tom Schmitz, SJM, 10/2.]