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The India Network comprises mailing lists (e.g., India News Digest) and gopher/web sites serving Asian Indians living abroad. or . [Scout Report, 1/13/95.]

WWW Online covers Web news in online ant print versions. See for instructions on getting the print version free, or on writing for the magazine. [Anthony Boyd , c.i.www.announce, 2/2/95. net-hap.]

CTAN-Ann is a mailing list for TeX announcements on the Comprehensive TeX Archive Network (CTAN). Send a 'subscribe ctan-ann your "your name"' message -- inner quotes required -- to or [Phil Parker , comp.text.tex, 2/11/95.]

The Electronic Colloquium on Computational Complexity (ECCC) is a new forum on models of computation, trade-offs, and complexity bounds, including combinatorics, communication, cryptography, combinatorial optimization, learning algorithms, and logic. Mathematical papers, short notes, and surveys are solicited. Send a "help eccc" message to or access or . [Jochen Bern , c.i.www.announce, 1/30/95.]

"CD-ROM Online!" is a free biweekly (or monthly?) newsletter email review of new multimedia CD-ROM titles, based on feedback from readers. Send your name, topics of interest, and where seen to . Reviews and contributions are solicited by . For a catalog of 1,600 CD ROMs, post a "send catalog" message to , (800) 996-3987 or (516) 338-2032, (516) 338-6626 Fax. [Joe Burger , net-hap, 1/6/95.] (The initial reviews look like product touts, as in the now-defunct DAK catalogs.)

Julio Sanchez is soliciting stories and email interviews for his newsletter to entrepreneurs. . [misc.entrepreneurs, 1/7/95.]