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April Fools postings have been collected on, /pub/academic/communications/april-fools. Send contributions to [CMC, 4/1/94. net-hap.]

EDS-SPO is offering a second free trial of its Shadow Patent Office. You may try three subject or infringement searches per day, 4/4 to 4/15. Specify a patent ID or 50-1000 keywords per email request. Confidentiality is promised. To register, contact [, e-club, 3/31/94. Bill Park.]

Computer memorabilia, products, and services will be auctioned via email this 4/22 to 4/29. The Computer Museum (Boston) will accept bids, notify bidders of over-bids, and post a bidding history for each item. (Software for managing the auction is from EIT.) Phone bids will also be accepted. Some items start at $5, one at $3K. For details, contact, (617) 426-2800 x322 or (415) 323-1909. [Carol Welsh (, net-hap, 3/24/94. David Joslin.]

Galactic Civilizations is a new game designed to show the power of OS/2, as well as being fun to play and a commercial success. It mixes warfare, trading, politics, and economic management is ways influenced by Empire, Civilization, Sim City, and Balance of Power. The software uses an AI engine from Stardock Systems Inc. (SDS). Galactic Civilizations is currently in beta in a simplified form, $36 plus shipping (including the coming release). Price will be $50+ after 4/7/94. Advanced Idea Machines Inc. (AIMS),, 801-572-6353 8-N-1. [Brad Wardell (,, 3/28/94.] is seeking AI programmers interested in creating a ground-breaking fantasy/exploration game. [, 3/30/94. David Joslin.]

Thomas P. Copley will conduct another $20 GO-PHER-IT email workshop from 4/18/94 through 5/8/94. (The topic is Gopher use, of course.) For info, send a "subscribe go_pher_it2" message to [, CARR-L, 3/31/94.]

Computist Matthew Witten is organizer and chair of the 1st World Congress on Computational Medicine and Public Health (Compmed94), April 24-28. The schedule of talks by 200 speakers is over 16 pages long. You can get a copy from compmed94, 1-800-262-2472. [Matthew Witten (, 4/4/94.]