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If you know the assessor plot number for your home (or anyone's US home!), you can get a market price estimate from the Home Value Calculator at . [06Nov00.]

If you think brokers and analysts are there to help you, read the expose' at . [The Motley Fool>, 14Jul99.]

Wealth Healthy Women is a free monthly email newsletter helping women toward greater financial success and well-being. . [Lynne M. Hornyak , NEW-LIST, 16Nov00.]

David Leung, 17, has parlayed $50K into $450K through seven years of careful (or lucky) investment. He likes the Motley Fool website, , and also uses Value Line from his public library. He buys companies with earnings growth of at least 15%, on a dip when PE ratio is close to earnings-growth rate. Then he plans to hold for a decade. Leung offers advice on his own websites: , , and . Other teen sites include , , , and . [Anne Tergesen, BW, 25Sep00, p. 190.]

Most investors sell their winners and stick with their losers, even though studies show this to be foolish. Lagging mutual funds and other investments tend to continue lagging; selling a winner can entail capital gains taxes; and dumping a loser could give you a tax loss to shelter other income. 54% of mutual fund buys are to funds in the past year's top quintile of performance, recognizing that past performance does persist, yet only 14% of sell orders are in the worst quintile. (This appears to be true of financial advisors as well.) Investors also tend to ignore (or prefer!) high operating expense ratios, avoiding only highly visible loads or brokerage fees. [Robert Barker, BW, 23Oct00, p. 170.]

If you invest in new companies, you may need to know when lockup periods expire and principals, employees, or especially venture capitalists are free to flood the market with their stock shares. Websites that track this include,,,, and In 1999, venture-backed stocks dropped 6% at the end of lockouts, vs. 1% for other companies. Sometimes the dip is as much as 15%. [Linda Berlin, BW, 18Sep00, p. 161.]

You can get a risk assessment (based on volatility) for any mutual fund, stock, bond, option, or portfolio, at . Selecting risky stocks in diverse sectors can lower your total risk. [Newsweek, 11Dec00, p. 82.]

The free 401(k) advisor at is a winner, going beyond features of the fee-based risk evaluators at Financial Engines and Morningstar (which, however, offer more "geeky financial points" for your enlightenment, and are continuing to evolve). Quicken's tool at can also be used on IRAs and plans for paying college tuition, but it doesn't analyze stock portfolios. For screening individual stocks, you may want Yahoo!, MSN, or [Robert Barker, BW, 20Nov00, p. 178.]

Other 401(k) evaluation services include and PlanAnalytics's . Check them out if you're shopping for a new job and the retirement plan is a factor. [Robert Barker, BW, 25Sep00, p. 198.]

-- Ken