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The Supreme Court has agreed to hear Lotus' appeal of a judgment saying Borland did not infringe copyright by including a Lotus 1-2-3 menu as an option in their own spreadsheet. [NYT, 9/28/95, C2. EDUPAGE.]

The Consortium of College and University Media Centers has released a draft on copyright and fair use of electronic documents and images. Students and faculty could use limited portions of lawfully acquired copyrighted works in multimedia programs for up to two years without permission, for in-house use only. [Chronicle of Higher Education, 9/29/95. EDUPAGE.]

The Commerce Dept. has released its final white paper on intellectual property and the NII (or "information superhighway"). Copies are on and . The draft released last summer was known as the Green Paper. [PR #95-26, 9/1/95. Paul Evan Peters , IRList Digest, 10/2/95.]

When URLs aren't enough, you may need a style manual for citing electronic sources. MLA and APA styles are presented in and . Other discussions are , , and . [Hyperjournal. INFOBITS, 10/95.]