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Job ads from The Boston Globe, Chicago Tribune, LA Times, NYT, San Jose Mercury News, and The Washington Post can now be accessed at . Hundreds of new jobs daily. [SJM, 10/22/95, 6D.]

For Lockheed Martin job openings, see . The Personnel dept., at (408) 742-7173, uses Resumex to match resume keywords with jobs. [Charles Schulz , 10/17/95.]

(You can increase your chances if you find a good job posting and copy its buzzwords into your resume. As a rule, your resume should omit any qualifications that aren't relevant to the job you are seeking. Shorter is better for human reading, with a half page being about right. A resume only opens the door; you've still got to sell yourself in a cover letter or on the phone. Don't expect a resume to sell you.)

An interesting book is Lynie Arden's "The Work at Home Sourcebook," (Live Oak, Boulder, CO, 1994), now in its 5th edition. There's a 24-page section on opportunities for contract programmers and other computer-based workers. ArtSci, Inc. (Burbank, CA), for instance, hires contractors to port IBM PC programs to Macintosh. Other companies want technical writers, typesetters, proofreaders,medical transcribers, journal indexers, database maintainers, and notereader-scopists (for court stenotype transcription). About 133 companies are listed. [10/28/95.]