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The ETAI-DRU newsletter, or Decision and Reasoning Under Uncertainty, is soliciting contributions. , or for back issues. [Salem Benferhat ,, 11Nov98.]

Organization of computation in brain-like systems; Neural Networks 1999 Special Issue. 01Dec98; Mieko Namba , secretary to Dr. Mitsuo Kawato, +81-774-95-1058, +81-774-95-1008 fax. [connectionists, 05Nov98.]

Multi-criteria optimization; Evolutionary Computation Journal. 15Feb99; Kalyanmoy Deb , +49 231 9700974, +49 231 9700959 fax. [AI/Stats, 24Oct98.]

Connectionist symbol processing; Expert Systems. 30Apr99; Antony Browne . [connectionists, 03Nov98.]