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IBM is passing out merit raises averaging 8% this year -- twice what most companies are paying. [NYT, 2/27/96, C3. EDUPAGE.]

Salary survey info for LAN programmers can be found in LAN Magazine, 3/96. [Network News, 2/10/96.]

How much does a supervisor make for managing one shift of a help desk operation? The national average is $41K, ranging from $36K in the South Central US to $47K in the Pacific region. [Help Desk Institute of Colorado Springs. Network World, 2/26/96, p. 47. NewtNews, 3/12/96.]

Ernst & Young has published their Worldwide Executive Tax Guide, 1996 Edition, on . 130 countries are covered. [Network News, 2/10/96.]

Legal issues, employee rights, etc., for people in computer fields, are the subject of the jdav list from . [Travis L. Hayden , 2/12/96.]

Results of the 1995 CRA Taulbee Survey of US/Canadian CS faculty salaries have been posted to , in Acrobat and postscript formats. Statistical results are in the 3/96 Computing Research News (CRN). Graphs are on the website, and further tables will be posted in HTML. [CRA Bulletin, 3/4/96.] (We have a Computists' Communique ad in this month's CRN, on p. 11.)

The Computing Research Association (CRA) is also putting CRN on . This hardcopy newsletter is distributed six times per year to researchers and decision makers in academia, government and industry. Articles since 1/95 are in HTML format; issues back to 1991 are available in Acrobat and postscript formats (and soon HTML). See also the CRA Bulletin archives at , or sign up with a "subscribe cra_b firstname lastname" message to . [, CRA Bulletin, 3/4/96.]