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The Apprentice CD ROM is out in a 3rd edition, loaded with free and shareware development resources, source code, utilities, programming environments, and demos of popular commercial tools. Also fully indexed archives of digests and mailing lists such as comp.sys.mac.programmer and the Mac Scripting Digest. $35 ($25 update or educational) from Celestin Company , 360/385 3767, 360/385-3586 Fax. . [TidBITS, 10/16/95.] (A new edition will be out every six months.)

Visual Basic Online is a new programmer's magazine, with articles on DLLs, VBXs, and writing your own SMTP Gateway. . VBO's Toolbox helps you find Visual Basic information on the Internet. [, newjour, 9/7/95.]

For help with operating systems, look for , , or . Other Windows programming resources and shareware can be found on and . Mac users should check and . OS/2 files can be found via and . A good Amiga source is . [Dan Gillmor, SJM, 9/3/95, 4E.]

The monthly Linux Gazette has been posted to and . 132KB for October, but later editions should be smaller. [John M. Fisk , comp.os.linux.announce, 10/28/95.]

The 12th International Obfuscated C Code Contest is searching for the world's most obscure, twisted, and obfuscated working C programs. 12/8/95 deadline. See , or contact Landon Curt Noll . [alt.sources, 10/23/95.]

("If it weren't for C, we would be using BASI, PASAL, and OBOL." [Jonas J. Schlein , 10/95.] :-)