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Lord Kelvin deserves an apology; the term "degrees," we're told by numerous alert readers, is not used along with his name in describing the temperature of an object. [MHA]

CEToolbox 1.7.2 is in fact the current version, several readers have told us in regard to our mention of it in TidBITS #224. [MHA] Thanks to David "wow, I'm actually correcting one of the BIG guys" Alten <> for adding that it's available at:

RSI Network Newsletter subscribers might have had problems receiving issue 17. Craig O'Donnell <> writes: "Thanks to a full moon and an unfortunate series of slip-ups somewhere out in Net-Land, the 17th RSI Network Newsletter mailing went awry. Some people didn't get a newsletter, but instead got a crabby message from some guy and ten or fifteen bounced mail messages. Some people got both the issue and the junk. I don't think anyone knows what happened but it's been fixed."

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