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This is a separate application, and to be honest, I'm not really sure why Now included it as such. I say this because the Startup Manager has a "Profile" button that does exactly the same thing, producing an extremely detailed report on your system configuration. Profiler reports on a number of basic areas, but I'm not going to talk about all of the items in those areas, because there's so many. Profiler provides General CPU Information, System Version information (including attributes like ROM version and Script Manager version), Memory Status and Attributes, Hardware Attributes, a list of INITs and cdevs, a list of DAs, a list of drivers, and optionally, a list of applications. Some of the features are not present if you are running System 6.0.3 or lower, so if you don't see all of these, upgrade your system and don't complain to Now.

What I like most about Profiler is that it didn't make any blatant mistakes, like telling me I had a NuBus card in my SE/30. It's certainly possible system information isn't included in Profiler, but if so, I don't know about it. Overall, I am impressed with the detail Profiler went into, particularly with things like ROM version, which can be useful information. People who have fought with the various versions of the ROMs on the Mac Plus know about this, since the Mac Plus ROMs went through several versions. If you are interested in using the Profiler technology, Now just announced that they will be making it available to developers, publishers, and corporations in either application or programming library form. Contact Now Software for the details.