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Curious about QuickDraw GX? Tune in for the first part of Tonya's look at what it is and why you might want it. We also look at a great new Apple Web server, report on a significant problem with Speed Disk 3.0, pass on the announcement of the annual Loebner Prize competition to determine how smart computers have become, and attempt to set down all the different ways in which you can buy System 7.5. Finally, Connectix provides some welcome news - MODE32 7.5.


  • MailBITS/12-Sep-94
  • Don't Use Speed Disk 3.0
  • MODE32 for 7.5 Announced
  • Think You're Smart?
  • Where to Buy System 7.5
  • Preliminary Practical Primer to QuickDraw GX, Part I
  • Reviews/12-Sep-94

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