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Future of the Web? -- I'd like to share an Internet utility that I think has great potential to help us break out of the rut that we've gotten into on the Web. Interlaced GIFs are all fine and nice, but tools like Nutscapify stand to really make a difference. I plan to use it for all of my Web pages in the future. As a sample, try the multiple line URL below. [ACE]

We'd Like to Thank The Academy -- In a ceremony held in Hollywood early last week, TidBITS was presented with an Academy Award for Best Short Electronic Newsletter with Weird Capitalization Written Directly for the Internet. "Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties," said presenter Pierce Brosnan, "delivery of the award won't be possible until the Academy is satisfied that the award can be securely transferred over the Internet. There are a lot of people out there who'll go to any lengths to get their hands on one of these," he added, hefting the weighty statuette. TidBITS editor Adam Engst would have liked to have been present at the awards ceremony, but they wouldn't install a T-1 line and a Mac 660AV with a video camera up to the podium so he could watch with CU-SeeMe. [GD]

What Me, Monopolize? -- In a move that may ruffle the feathers of the FTC, Melinda French, the wife of Microsoft's billionaire owner Bill Gates, announced today that she intends to buy Compaq Computer for an undisclosed amount of cash and Microsoft stock. French said, "This is a personal investment, and should not in any way be viewed as an official Microsoft acquisition, and there will be no connection between Microsoft and Compaq" adding that she's wanted to own a PC hardware company "ever since I was a kid." Previously working in the same division that produced Microsoft Bob, Microsoft's so-called social interface, French said she just had "to get away from that damn rodent," and, "I've always used Compaq machines at work, and they seem to be pretty good." Nonetheless, analysts pointed at the immediate move by Compaq to install a Bob-friendly minimum of 32 MB of RAM in every computer sold.

Justice Department chief Anne Bingaman, reached for comment at her home, said, "Frankly, I don't see the problem. If Melinda wants to buy Compaq, that's her business, and the Justice Department isn't going to harass her about any monopoly proceedings." Judge Sporkin refused to comment, but made irate gurgling noises. Rumor has it that the rest of the PC industry is considering merging in an effort to compete with what many view as a combined Microsoft/Compaq juggernaut. [ACE]