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We'll be out of town for Thanksgiving, but because of our PowerBook 100, the trip will not interrupt the flow of TidBITS issues. It will prevent me from easily reading Internet mail (yes, I could work it out with AppleTalk Remote Access, but it's not worth the effort, especially since we are only bringing a 2400 bps modem), so please refrain from sending me unnecessary email until next week. If you need to contact me, I will read email on CompuServe, so use that address:

The fileserver will be up and running, and I've even worked out this cool automation with QuicKeys, Nisus, and Frontier to reroute UUCP mailfiles that want to go to a host that can't receive mail from me. The UPS should protect against power outages, and hopefully I'll even be able to set MacsBug to automatically restart the Mac should something crash. In other words, please keep requesting the informational files from Nisus Software, but if you don't get them for a few days, wait until I get back - something may have gone wrong that I couldn't fix remotely.

HP LaserJet 4 and 4M Notice -- Mark H. Anbinder passes on this note from Hewlett Packard. "Be sure to follow step number 10 in the "Setting Up Your HP LaserJet 4 Guide." The guide refers to two levers which need to be pushed down before operating the printer. These levers engage the fusing assembly. The print will not fuse to the paper and will smear if the levers are not pushed down. The documentation shows a picture of the back of the printer and the levers but tells the user to follow the instructions on the packaging material, which is not very descriptive. It is likely that this step will be skipped by many users and technicians alike."

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Microsoft Creativity -- Mark Zimmermann posted this to Info-Mac digest recently. "Saw an amusing quote in a New York Times wire service item earlier this week... In regards to Intel and Microsoft teaming up to sell full-motion video products for IBM-compatible PCs, Hugh Chang, Microsoft's manager for multimedia products said:

'The Macintosh has been accepted by the creative
community. That market isn't very interesting to us.'"

[Yup, and remember, us creative Macintosh types can't write good either 'cause we be too busy playing with our cute little fonts. Apple said something about being pecked to death by ducks, I'd like to amend that to feeling like being pecked to death by turkeys, something I actually have some experience in, having raised turkeys in my youth. - Adam]

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Walnut Creek Fiasco -- Dale Baker writes:

I thought I'd mention that Walnut Creek CD-ROM does not even own a Macintosh and when I spoke to the tech support guy he said "I wish we didn't even sell Mac CD-ROMs." This was after I immediately called about the Garbo CD-ROM (as mentioned in TidBITS-148).

Walnut Creek could not tell me why I was unable to see any files in the window to access the disc. Eventually I found that if I went through a file dialog box that I could find the programs; however I still had to convert from MacBinary and decompress the files.

I wasn't impressed (to say the least) and am waiting for my copy of the Info-Mac CD. I expect it to be better due to the fact that Mac users created it for a Mac, on a Mac. Thank the gods for HFS CD-ROMs!

I would steer Mac users clear of Walnut Creek until there has been a clear statement that they support Macintosh and own at least one Mac on which they test their product before selling it.

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