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Well, it's that time again - Macworld Boston. I won't see any Internet mail all week, although Tonya will check periodically for important notes. If you need to get in touch with me, send me mail on CompuServe since the Seattle Downtown Business Users' Group (dBUG) kindly lent me their PowerBook 140 so I can stay in touch electronically. Maybe if I'm lucky I'll trade in the 140 at Apple's booth for a new 145 and test out that new 25 MHz 68030 processor. :-)

ON's Engineers -- Benn Kobb answers our rhetorical question from last week about the whereabouts of the engineers who produced the innovative ON machine: "Where are ON's engineers today? They are at ONEAC Corp., one of the major makers of uninterruptible power supplies for computers and stuff. They advertise occasionally in PC trade publications."

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