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PowerBook 165 & 145B Plus Pack

We forgot to mention the release of the PowerBook 165 a few weeks ago. It's not surprising, since it's simply a PowerBook 160 with a 33 MHz 68030 processor instead of a 25 MHz processor. Unlike the 160, the 165 comes bundled with AppleLink and AppleTalk Remote Access Client software (no server though - maybe Apple would be so nice as to set up a public ARA server?). Prices range from $1,969 to $2,579.

More recently, Apple introduced the PowerBook 145B Plus Pack, a 145B that includes an internal fax modem, TouchBASE Pro, DateBook Pro, Macintosh PC Exchange, AppleLink, and ZTerm (interesting, considering ZTerm has always been shareware). Prices range between $1,649 and $1,699, but you can only purchase the Plus Pack from mass merchants.