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Mark Johnson writes in a posting to the nets, "After a much-too-long absence, once again has all of the Macintosh Technical Notes available on-line. The files are all in the newer format and are in Word 4.0 (sorry MacWrite 5.0 fans). You can find them in the place you would expect /ftp/dts/mac/tn/ and they are available individually as well as in batches of 50 at a time. Feel free to redistribute these around the world (one of few things on the site along with sample code that you can redistribute without a license).

Thanks to Neil Day (, a former DTS engineer who is now in charge of Tech Notes and Sample Code, for making this happen. Please send all thanks to him, as I'm only responsible for prodding him. From this point forward, these should be kept up to date as used to be the case in the old days..."

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Mark B. Johnson --

CE Updates -- Mark H. Anbinder passes on this information. "CE Software, Inc., has just announced that the company is now shipping System 7 compatibility upgrades for its products DiskTop, In/Out, and Amazing Paint. The upgrades, each of which costs $15 (though a DiskTop updater is available from various online services), offer 32-bit clean compatibility with System 7. The exception is In/Out, whose server software is not System 7 compatible, even though the client software is. US and Canadian users may call CE's customer service office at 800/523-7638 to inquire about the upgrades, and international users should contact their local distributors for information, or call CE at 515/224-1995."

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Mark H. Anbinder -- TidBITS Contributing Editor