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PowerPort Upgrade

We've heard from Global Village that until 22-Sep-92 you can upgrade an original PowerPort/V.32 modem to a brand new PowerPort/Gold for $399. That's a pretty good price considering the PowerPort/Gold runs about $630 mail order. Since the modems are completely different units though (the PowerPort/Gold doesn't have the external piece) you'll actually get a new modem. The main difference, apart from the PowerPort/Gold's entirely internal installation, is that the PowerPort/Gold is a v.32bis modem, whereas the PowerPort/V.32 only supports up to v.32. When talking to another v.32bis modem, the PowerPort/Gold can reach 14,400 bps in comparison with the PowerPort/V.32's 9,600 bps.

Here's the good part. You don't have to send back your old PowerPort/V.32, so you can install it in another PowerBook or sell it, whichever you wish. If you do this, you can call Global Village and transfer the registration, at which point the warranty remains valid and that buyer can get the new version of Global Village's software for free. Pretty neat, eh?

Global Village -- 415/390-8200 -- 415/390-8282 (fax) --