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View the documentThe Internet Starter Kit for Macintosh
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Two new PowerBooks and some volume software pricing deals blossom a week early on the Apple tree, followed by an excellent article on those pesky hardware handshaking cables that you need for fast modems. We also review Peirce Software's Smoothie, and provide bits about Retrospect A/UX, MacIntercomm, QuickTime 1.6 bugs, and phone line oddities. Finally, an announcement of the book I'm working on about connecting to the Internet from a Macintosh.


  • MailBITS/07-Jun-93
  • The Internet Starter Kit for Macintosh
  • New PowerBooks Ship
  • Apple Volume Software Licenses
  • Cable Conundrums
  • Smoothie With A Capital SMOO
  • Reviews/07-Jun-93

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