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We'd like to welcome our latest sponsor, Dantz Development, makers of some of the best backup software anywhere, including DiskFit Direct, DiskFit Pro (which I currently use), Retrospect 2.0 (which I intend to use once I have a DAT drive), and Retrospect Remote.

We have several files from Dantz that I think you'll find interesting and useful, ranging from product data sheets to information about compatible tape drives to a white paper entitled "Workbook Backup - A Workbook for Macintosh Administrators" that will help you figure out the details of backing up a network. If you want a 73K file containing all of this information, send email to <>. If you want the same file in compressed form along with an Easy View index (29K - StuffIt 3.0 format), send email to <>. If you want individual files, send email to <> for an index of available files.

Dantz has another white paper called "Backup - Personal Computing Insurance" that I couldn't translate to straight ASCII. It discusses different backup philosophies, different types of backup devices, and the like. Dantz will send it to you at no charge if you email them your snail mail address. Thanks, and I'm sure Dantz will be happy to hear any feedback about the files or their products.

Dantz Development --

Performa Mail -- Bill Waits, who provided us with some of the information we used in last week's bit about new Performas, asks that people please stop requesting more information, especially about the Performa 430 and the modems, about which he has no information. It's not as though these Performas are interesting. They are exactly the same as comparable Mac LC IIs and LC IIIs, except they cost more and you buy them at Sears. In addition, I'm hearing of problems with installing System 7.1 over System 7.0.1P or 7.1P on the Performa 450 and 600. Apparently the enablers won't cooperate.

Macintosh Easy Open, an extension from Apple which allows you to substitute eligible applications to open files created by applications you don't have, is now available with MacLinkPlus. The extension replaces the standard "application not found" dialog with a larger one that lists programs that can open the file and can optionally remember your preference so that it uses that program automatically. Other benefits include more specific file descriptions in the Finder's "Kind" field and color icons in Open and Save dialog boxes.

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